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                        Earn your Certification of
                  + Biblical Counseling + - Minister
                  + Chaplaincy + Anger Management +
                     Sexual Abuse + Recovery Minister +  
                     Spiritual Advisor Minister and more.

 We offer many Certification and Endorsements that are
designed to open doors for Ministry use in your Church,  Local Ministry, or a Private counseling setting ) . Call our office and we will answer your questions.

You Don't Need A Master or  to be used of God, helping hurting people.


*UGI offers 3 Levels of /Endorsement for this program. Advanced (5) courses, and counseling practicum required. Master (6) courses, and counseling practicum required. Professional (7) courses and counseling practicum.

* UGI are designed to encourage Christians to become involved in helping struggling friends, church members, and others.

* Our certifications offer the student a balanced approach of , Biblical Theology, and practical instructions of how to apply God's word i n your life and others. 

* UGI'S are equipping, encouraging, empowering, to be used in strengthen their Church, Local Ministry, or in a private counseling setting. 
Note: Many of our Graduates that have obtained the Master or Professional Levels, are using their knowledge and skill in a personal counseling setting.  As an Ordained Minister/Counselor you have the right to help others in a Non-Church setting and charge a fee.

* UGI offer's (3) Levels of Certification Endorsement. Each higher level of Endorsement is designed to build upon the basic Certification Level.

* UGI accepts all prior Ministry, Educational, and other related course studies for evaluation towards the Certification Level you have chosen to peruse.

* UGI is affordable, accredited, and can be completed by home study. Start today, join God's team of Life Changers.

* UGI offers (Dual) Endorsements such as  ... Spiritual Advisor/ - Minister. ... Spiritual Advisor/Chaplain ... Spiritual Advisor/Biblical Counselor, and more. The ( Dual ) Endorsements require added .

* UGI is often asked is it possible to obtain a Honorary if I meet the Board of Regents requirements? Yes, to find our more about receiving one from UGI ... Call: 828.348.9648 or E-mail: We will forward you the information and Honorary Degree's we offer.

How to ?

 On our website click on the STUDENT APPLICATION LINK, fill it out and send to

Cost of each track?

Each Track is only $ 395.00. The track may be paid in monthly payments of  $ 100.00 down and $ 55.00 dollars until paid in full. . The cost of the text are not included, they can be found on
Note: No Endorsements or Transcripts will be issued until program is paid in full.  

Course Curriculum & Syllabus

This training track program requires 5, 6, 7, text reading and a approved Ministry practicum. Upon completion of this you will receive Certification Endorsement, Certificate of Completion Certification, Official Transcripts, and Ministerial Licensure to practice your Certification Endorsement in a personal setting if so desired. Note: Each student will have their own Mentor/Supervisor to assist them in their studies.

 Each book may be ordered through
  • CC  600 The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers: Relating the Basic Teachings of Scripture to Peoples' Problems, by Gary R. Collins
  • CC 610 Competent Christian Counseling, by Timothy Clinton
  • CC 620 Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, by Mark R. McMinn
  • CC 630 The Healing Path: How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You to a More Abundant Life, by Dan B. Allender
  • CC 640 Silent Struggler: A Caregiver's Personal Story, by Glenn Mollette
  • CC 650 Nursing Home Nightmares, by Glenn Mollette
  • CC 670 Effective Biblical Counseling: A Model for Helping Caring Christians become Capable Counselors by Dr. Larry Crabb
  • CC 680 Door of Hope, Recognizing and Resolving the Pains of Your Past, by Jan Frank
  • CC 690 Christ-Centered Therapy by Neil T. Anderson
  • cc 700 Assessment in Counseling: A Guide to the Use of Psychological Assessment Procedures, 4th Edition by Albert B. Hood and Richard W. Johnson (Paperback - Dec 30, 2006) - This book is recommended to assist Christian counselors in understanding the dynamics of Assessment and the importance or referring people to those who are trained to do Assessment.
            cc 710  Compassionate Care: An Inspirational Guide For Caregivers of the Seriously ILL by 
                           John Waltonter
We have many more quality text books in Addiction Recovery, Chaplaincy, Biblical Counseling, and other specific fields of expertise.

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