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* Keep posted as we add pictures and updates of our students that have taken and passed the ( ICRC ) exam.

* Get Trained/Certified and involved now! Soon it is expected that Addiction Enslavement will be the # 1 Mental Health issue in the world. Let us help you prepare for this great opportunity.

Dr. Martin Wisor, Psy.D.

College of :
Clinical Addiction Recovery Counseling Studies Department 
Dr. Tina Parkman, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Dr. Martin Wisor, Psy.D.
UI&C Phone> 828.348.9648 - (NC)

This certification is Nationally & Internationally recognized.
(47 States & 27 Nations and growing)
For Professionals in the Field of Prevention, Substance, Use Treatment & Recovery.
Become a State Certified/Licensed - Substance Abuse Counselor., Alcohol, Drug. and Addictions Counselor, and more. 
The opportunities continues to expand for trained Professional Counselors to become apart of the solution for this out of control life enslavement. The job market for good paying jobs is awesome. Help hurting people and add income to your budget for your family, Ministry.

Educational requirements & Cost
$ 100.00 Application Non-refundable fee with required paperwork to start Courses.
The 9 required credit hours UI&C is offering for $ 999.99. A lot of other schools are charging anywhere from $ 300.00 to 800.00 for one credit. UI&C is dedicated to offering a excellent education at a affordable price. All Clinical Supervision must accepted and be taken through Dr. Tina Parkman, IC&RC Clinical supervisor. The IC&RC Certification Training may be paid in 4 $ 250.00 payments or all at one time.

Update on undergraduates with a bachelor's degree from an accredited or recognized undergraduate institution, can use up to 10 years of prior experience.
Note: You must have the required Clinical and Supersized documented hours, or take them from Dr. Tina Parkman.

Admission requirements: Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved undergraduate institution. Send Licensed Substance Abuse Program Name and Number and all  prior experience certificates, personal and ministry references. Attach and Send to E-mail: - Phone: 828.348.9648.

Non Members/Alumni/Guest/Students Apply as a non-degree seeking student and take all of the three UACCCI Addiction Counseling cognate courses. 
Thank you for your attention,
Dr. Tina 

Scheduled Workshop: - Free Conference call
Thursday Conference Line:
Phone: 712.775.7031 
ID# 832-266-332

When God is in IT-there is no Limits!  Join Us  at  8:00 p.m.  One hour of Power! 
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ID:832-266-332  free 1 on1 10 minute crisis gift cards for the first 15 callers. 

One out of every four pew sitters have a disorder, dysfunction or an addiction. It is time for the people of God to  deliver  in excellence! 
In addition, equip themselves  from a spiritual toolbox integrating Faith in treatment giving help-hope & healing. Not just information, but revelation which brings transformation into divine health and wealth leading many to the perfect answer.  
Dr. Tina 

How to enroll:

Refund policy: After 15 days of enrollment there will be no refund of payment.

Go to our UACCCI  application link, fill the application out and send to Make copies of all certificates, Diplomas, Degree's, and supervision information pertaining to Addiction Counseling and Ministry. To make a payment click on payment link and use Bottom Button. There is a non refundable $100.00 Application Fee, plus the cost of the courses required. UI&C is offering the 9 credit hours for $999.99. This is a major saving from other schools that are charging $300 to $800 dollars for one credit hour.

Ordination and Endorsement:

It's important that all Christian Professional Counselors be ordained and endorsed. We offer both certificates and upon completion from training and practicum, you will be issued them as part of the package if so desired

New Post from Dr. Tina

Conference Call Topic: Assigned to Crime (712)775-7031 ID:  832-266-332 
See below. Email:
An estimated 39 million Americans struggle psychologically,emotionally  and spiritually from addictions. Often times it leads to lack of trust, the development of shame ,guilt, depression and affects family relationships,opens  the gates of crime that leads to promiscuity,prostitution and  other crimes. 
To those who are called or on assignment to Prison /Local  Jail Ministry ,Juvenile Detention, and Correctional Facilities. 
Theological Training in addictions studies is a must to equip those who are assigned to this at- risk population of: substance abuse addiction, sexual addiction, gambling and criminogenic addictions etc..This is a discussion and New Biblical Model on X-IT training is specific to substance abuse for addiction professionals, Pastors , Co-Pastors, Lay Pastors,Chaplains,Counselors,Social workers and other service providers interested in assisting their clients in addressing addiction to criminal behavior while addressing their addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. Professionals will be equipped to assist clients in identifying the cycle of addiction as it relates to criminal activity, high risk behaviors related to drug relapse as well as triggers related to crime addiction. This training will increase the professionals’ ability to reduce the recidivism rate among repeated offenders as well as first time offenders. Participants will be enlightened regarding addictions and effective methods of addressing underlying issue as it directly relates to anti-social behavior and promote recovery, health and wellness. 

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