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FROM THE DESK OF THE BISHOP:                                                            May  2018
. This month, instead of doing my normal devotion, I want to address an issue that’s on my Heart, and help all of our Ministers, Chaplains, and Biblical Counselors, to have the info they need to address this issue.
As a ministry, we have to keep the members of this ministry association informed. We have to provide info to you be an ‘Informed Watchman’ in your ministries, and to cover you with a Spiritual Covering and protect ourselves as a Ministry.  Forthwith this month, I want to address the issue of Abuse that plagues are nation and inform you as Ministers, Chaplains and Biblical Counselors, the role we play in this arena. I cannot cover all of the info on this subject, due to the fact that different states have different laws. However, I hope this will impress upon you to seek out the Laws in your state. As you will see, we are Mandated Reporters of Abuse, we are called to a higher standard than other professionals.   Starting this month, all new certificates issued, will have UACCCI Ministries’, Code of Ethics, also the Code of Ethics for Ministers, Chaplains and/or Biblical Counselors included with them. I would highly encourage you to do a Google Search and copy these Code of Ethics for yourself, or E-Mail me to get a copy of the Code of Ethics.
There are 7 Main Core Abuse situations. There are many that branch off from these, however we are going to deal with the 7, and you can explore more if you are so entailed. 
Physical Abuse……    Any type of Abuse, that causes Physical Harm to a Person
Sexual Abuse ……     Any type of Sexual Acts, 
Emotional or Psychological Abuse……. Manipulation, Enabler, Threats, Anger, Communications
Neglect …… Any person that is knowingly or unknowingly being Neglected, from Food, Shelter, Financial   
                     Stability, Safe Environment or Medical needs
Abandonment…….   Any person knowingly Abandoning His or Her Responsibility
Financial or Material Exploitation……….. Scams, Invasion, Fraud, Electronic, Insurance, Taxes
Self-neglect……….. Self Harm, through Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Suicide, Dirty or Torn Clothing, Living in
                                 Unsanitary Conditions, Hygiene, Medical
This is just a list to start you on this journey of being informed. Any of these above listed abuses has to be reported to proper authorities. You can, by law, report these under actually seeing the abuse, suspecting, hearing or via 2nd hand information.  I know a lot of Faith Leaders, believe that we are under the Seal of the Church/Confessional, I do agree to that, in certain situations. However when it comes to abuse, we have a moral obligation to report this to the proper agencies. My rule of thumb is if they have violated someone else’s trust in them, why they should expect anybody not to violate their trust. I know this is a gray area, and sensitive, however, there are too many people being abused and no one seems to care. One thing to remember is we are just reporting the abuse; there are many other guidelines to follow, if we are actually called into a Court Hearing.
In my practices, as a Minister, Chaplain and Biblical Counselor, I make it Verbally, Written and Understood, that anything that they have done, or that they are doing illegally, is subject to the State Laws. I have to report any thing that I suspect as Abuse, and or Violation of others Rights.    
Another issue, I want to address. We have the right, Morally and Legally, if we have not heard from someone in a few days, to do a Well Check on them. All you have to do is notify the Local Authorities, give them the info and ask them to do a Well Check on that person. There are a lot of people living by themselves, and needs checked on. I know some people don’t want to get involved, however it is better to have them checked on, and then live with regrets of not doing it.


I know I have Covered a lot of Info here in this Month. I haven’t actually scratched the surface. However I feel like this is important info for you to have. You can re-act by taken heed to this info, or you don’t have to. However as a Ministry, we have given you the Basic Info, and have it on file in the Office.                        IF WE AS MINISTERS, CHAPLAINS & BIBLICAL COUNSELORS, DO NOT START REPORTING THIS, & BE A WATCHMAN TO THOSE WHO CANNOT FEND FOR THEMSELVES, WHO WILL?

Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland
Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland
[email protected]          




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