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This Month, I want to Share in my Blog,


These two verses sums it up. We know that SIN exits because of disobedience in the garden of Eden as a result we live in a fallen world. The penalty for Sin and
disobedience to God is Death.
When I started thinking about writing this today, on my FB page I saw this post
thought I would share it with you.........

This is the Truth about SIN, It takes your farther then you want to go,
keeps you longer then you want to stay, & cost you more then you want to pay.
The simple definition of SIN is disobedience to God. However I want to
break some things down today about Sin, to help you to see it in the depravity
of how it affects the lives of so many people. I hope you will use study & use
this in your own ministries.
We don't hear a lot of preaching on Sin anymore in Church, because we don't
want to offend anyone, we don't want people to stop coming & paying Offerings
to the Church, we have replaced Biblical preaching with Motivational speaking
& talking about the love of God not the wrath or judgment of God. That is why
we train men & women to rightly divide the Word of truth, & I love the Ministers
that I listen to, that still calls Sin- Sin.
The world rejects the topic of Sin, they are comfortable in what they are doing, so
they have justified their behaviors, twisted scriptures, taken scriptures out of
context to excuse their behaviors. Sin has a price tag, it affects a person's
health, it separates them from God, silence their witness, affects other people.

I want to share 10 Descriptions of Sin, and break these descriptions down, to
help you understand the depravity of Sin....

Iniquity is the Hebrew word AVON, which basically refers to something twisted or
warped. It is unholiness, defilement a violation of God's character.

Adam & Eve was guilty of this Sin. The knew exactly what God had commanded.
This Sin is not ignorance of the law but rebellion in spitie of knowing the law.

This word is PESHA which means unlawfulness or willful rebellion. Transgression
is a violation of God's boundaries

Hebrew word CHATA fall short of the mark. God's law sets a target toward which
we are to aim our live, a target we miss when we sin/

Unbelief is the underlying cause of all Sin. Either a person believes in God or
a person don't believe in God.

God set up a covenant with Israel, including both standard of living & mission,
That same covenant applies to Christians . Covert Sin is not the only kind of Sin,
any loss of commitment to the mission God has called us to is Sin, Loss of
fellowship with God is also another dimension of Covenant Sin.

This world indicates irreverence, disrespect, and disobedience to God

The world systems of extreme indulgence in bodily pleasures, especially
behaviors involving sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. that is considered immoral.

A persons character, what he or she truly is, not just the acts or actions they do.

Sin is rebellion & disobedience against God and His nature. People want to be
in control & they do not want to live according to God's laws & standards,
so they choose how they want to live. They have not come to the understanding
of John 10:10 that living according to God's plan will lead to abundant life.

As Christians, we have to love people, however we don't have to love their Sin.
There is a Biblical way to reach people that are ungodly and has never accepted
Christ, to reach people that are living as Christians, however they are living in
Sin, & a way to reach people that have not been properly disciple in the Church.
I implore you to read, study and ponder Romans 1, 2, & 3 Chapters this

Sin will always be here with us, on this side of eternity. We have to live in this
world, but we are not a part of this world. As Christians, Ministers, Chaplains,
Biblical Counselors, we are held to a higher standard, we are to be a example
to the world. It has been said, “ We maybe the only Bible some people will ever
read” Sure we may make mistake, we may fouls out sometimes, strikeout at times,
however, we have a advocate to go to for forgiveness. No we are not perfect,
we are striving to be perfect living one day at a time, going through the
sanctification process, to become like Christ.

Next Month, I will deal with the Atoning Work of Christ, to help us see the
redeeming process of Salvation, and the work of Sanctification.


Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland




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