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Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland                         Administrator – Lead Bishop



From the Office of UACCCI Ministries, We want to say that we APPRECIATE all of our Pastors, Ministers, Chaplains, Counselors, & what you are doing for KINGDOM BUSINESS.

Reminder:   Starting in 2021 All Renewals will be due in February of each Year, not the Month that was issued. Your Issue Month will be on LGS that we send you. Please send in Renewals the first week of February through the Payment Link on Website, via PayPal or Cash App

This Month, I want to Share in my Blog,

We all have Read, Studied, Taught, & Preached on this passage of Scripture “The Lord's Prayer” Prayer is transparent dialogue. It is a conversation with God in which we address Him & in the quietness of Prayer He addresses us. Prayer can be summarized by the acronym of 
A. C. T. S. 
 A doration.... appreciating God for who He is apart from what He has done for us. 
 C onfession … acknowledging to God our specific sin & seeking His pardon. 
 T hanksgiving... appreciating God for His benefit to us. 
 S upplication... interceding for ourselves or others, according to God's Will. When we Prayer, we are asking- interceding for God to act on the behalf of us are others, & asking His will to be done. In The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard writes, “Asking is indeed the great law of ths Spiritual World through which things are accomplished in cooperation with God & yet in harmony with the freedom & worth of every individual.” When we look at the Lord's Prayer that Christ taught us in Matthew, & use it as a pattern of Prayer, it releases the Anointing & Power that will break bondages. Let us breakdown the pattern of the Lord's Prayer.... 
OUR FATHER IN HEAVE, HALLOWED BE YOU NAME.... Spend time thanking God for His love & attention. Ponder who He is & adore His majesty, Holiness, Sovereignty, Goodness & Beauty. 
YOUR KINGDOM COME, YOUR WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN... Turn your Intercessions to God's purpose in the world. Where are we trying to bring our kingdom, rather than putting our efforts toward God's Kingdom agenda. Consider what God's kingdom agenda might be in your relationships & in the world. GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD.... Pray for your needs & those whose lives are intricately linked with your own. Pray for those in danger, suffering & in places of despair or decision making. 
FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS, AS WE ALSO HAVE FORGIVEN OUR DEBTORS.... Confess your grudges, bitterness, & oversensitivity, dwell at the foot of the Cross. Thank God for Him forgiving You. 
AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTION, BUT DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE... As you look ahead into your day, notice the tasks & transactions ahead of you. Become aware of where temptations may arise, pray for the Spirit to lead, guide & protect you from those temptations. 
FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM & POWER & THE GLORY FOREVER … End your time of intercession with Prayers of trust in God's goodness & His redemptive plan. There are many other examples of Prayers that we can use throughout Scripture. I have found myself many times, Praying Scriptures that the Holy Spirit has impressed on me to Pray over certain situations. Remember this, Prayer is a relationship with the One who has already declared us His beloved children & who wants to be close to us in our everyday lives. Just as conversations with close friends have dialogue/ topics, we can have daily dialogue/topics with our Heavenly Father. It is the subject matter of Prayer, the parts of the conversation that brings us into the close intimate relationship with our Father. 


Rev. Dr.Howard McFarland


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