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United Graduate College and Seminary - United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselors
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Dr. Martin W. Wisor - Graduated to be with Lord and will be honored.

Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland 
     Email:   [email protected]
     Phone: 816-313-7209

Rev. Dr. Roger Wilcoxen
     Email:   [email protected]
     Phone: 913-944-9103

Rev. Dr. Chadd N.Hatfield                                    
     Email:   [email protected]
     Phone:  740-516-8382

Send Email To:  i[email protected]

Minister Updates
If you need to update your information please follow the link and submit.  Your information will be confidential and be sent directly to our UACCCI Ministries leadership team and placed in file immediately upon submission. UACCCI Ministries desires to provide excellence in ministry and having current information ensures our ability to provide reputable and professional ministry services to every member.



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