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UACCCI is Celebrating (36) years of serving our Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Ghost sharing the good news of Jesus Christ world-wide.

Yield Institute Update (Dr. Jenny H. Tapia Rosario)

Everything is going according to plan and we will be moving to the new facilities this month.Its is big investment. WE are moving a middle class neighborhood that is bordered  by a growing Latino working class families. For some legal convenience Our facilities will be call Ebenezer Christian Fellowship Center and will house our YIELD Institute and IMCCA Chaplains Association. I want you to be aware that I have being teaching the classes of UGCS and will be reinstating these classes. 

Rev. Sophenia Wade

Rev. Sophenia Wade
This week  April 13th-16th  we are in Nairobi to minister and attend a ladies conference,   Other places like South Africa, zambia and other places in kenya  are still be in the works. Doors are opening in Kenya and possibly Benin City Nigeria

Pastor, Dr. John Applebach

John Applebach is the Pastor of Pottstown Bible Church. The ministry that God has placed him in is with the poor and homeless population they are hearing the gospel. They find their way to our little storefront and know they are welcome! They are often alone and have no one to help them with handling how to secure insurance or getting a place to live. Because they have no address, it is difficult for them to set up funding for themselves. Funding for the Counseling ministry is desperately needed! Please spread the word about PBC. Let others know of the work being done at PBC.

Pastor Chadd Hatfield is the Elder at Tucker Memorial Baptist Church in Huntington, WV as well as Head Chaplain at the Huntington City Mission. He earned his Associates and Bachelor's degrees from Ohio University. He earned his Master's in Christian Counseling and Doctorate degree in Biblical Clinical counseling from the UACCCI, United Graduate Institute. His wife Ashleigh and children reside in South Point, Ohio.

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