United Graduate College and Seminary - United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselors


UACCCI Ministries is a Ministerial Association.  It is the desire of UACCCI to provide Training,  Licenses, Certificates and Degrees, to Men and Woman called into the Ministry. 

Beginning on February 1, 2018, 
New Membership in UACCCI Ministries will be $120.00 a Year Members  Annual Renewal is $120.00 a Year. .

All Members will receive a Letter of Good Standing with this Association, a Member ID Card, and our Monthly E-Newsletter. 
Earned degrees, and honorary degrees are Lifetime standing; however, their validity will appear as a licensing mill if members are inactive. Forthwith, as a Ministry Association, we ask all the members to pay a small annual association renewal investment to support and be active with this UACCCI Ministries.
We will send you a renewal letters & ID cards, or monthly E-Newsletter, and assist with promoting your ministry through the this website & FB Pages.
Some colleagues have submitted ministry activities, so we can help promote what they are doing; even though this is not a requirement. We are very Honored to have many colleagues and co-laborers and look forward to working with you.
God Bless
Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland, PhD.

UACCCI will continue in support for our fellow members and be able to provide assistance for various ministries during the course of the year who may find themselves in need.  Our desire is simple, to support our fellow Ministers, Chaplains, and Biblical Counselors in the development of their professional careers.
The majority of the administration done through UACCCI is done free of charge, or with minimum cost to our members.
We want to thank you for your support and being part of this amazing Ministry Association,  that is moving forward in cutting edge ministry and counseling services for the Kingdom of God.

Please be advised that if you are having trouble renewing your credentials we may be able to assist you.  Our desire is to keep you current you can contact us for more information.

When sending in for New Credentials, Endorsements or Renewals, or if you are making a payment on your account, please E-Mail Dr. Howard McFarland at  letting him know you have completed the below form and are needing to make a payment so we can confirm reception of your payments and support.

Please follow this link and complete the information.  This information is required prior to sending your payment and before any credentials are sent out.

Once we receive the information with payment, materials will be sent to you. We will not send paperwork until we receive payment. If you have a question as to what cost is for new credentials, renewals or endorsements please contact us.

If paying with debit or credit card please use the links below:

New License                                

 Renewal Certifications & Endorsements                                                                    

 MONTHLY Donation/Support

  Not Tax Deductible
If paying with cashiers check or money order please contact Dr. Howard McFarland  for information at

      Send to -Dr. Howard McFarland c/o UACCCI 
                         11420 E. 56th. Terr
                                Raytown, Mo 64133           
                      Phone: 816-313-7209


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