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Welcome to the Home of

UACCCI Ministries

Administrator - Lead Bishop &

Lead Dean of Academics


UACCCI & U.G.C.S Office Ministries Executive Office

31 Private Road 1086

South Point, Ohio 45680



United Association of Christian, Chaplains and 

Counselors International

United Graduate College and Seminary 

For Info on these Ministries

*Administration & Website Assist. Newsletter Editor

Rev.Dr. Rita R Gibson, PhD.

Academic Questions Contact

(Dean & Instructor)

Rev. Chadd N. Hatfield, PhD

U.G.C.S Office

31 Private Road 1086

South Point, Ohio 45680



Rev. Dr Howard McFarland PhD

Bishop Emeritus





Dr. John Applebach

Founding Member of UACCCI Ministries

Pottstown. Pa. 

Dr. Mark Krom, Ph.D., D.Psy

Sr. Vice-President/Counselors

and Counseling Ministries, UACCMI

Adjunct Bishop of California 

Where we reach untold numbers all around the World

This is Leader-Shift Team of UACCCI Ministries.

If You have any questions about any of the Ministries Listed below, you can E-Mail the Leader-Shift Team Member, they are Experts in their Fields, and they would love to answer any questions you may have, and help You get started in the Ministries, that You feel God has Called You to. 

If E-Mail is not Listed-

E-Mail & it will be forward to them 


Administrator-Lead Bishop

Lead Dean of Academics

Rev. Dr. Chadd Hatfiled

Chaplains Directors

Rev. Lynn-Teddy Payne 

Missionary Bishop

Rev. Dr. Sophenia Wade

Counseling/Chaplains Advisor

Rev. Dr. Bill Wilson 



CALIFORNIA                                Dr Daffany Smith  

                                                      adjunct Dr. Mark Krom, Ph.D., D Psy.

                                                      Sr. Vice-President/Counselors and Counseling

                                                      Ministries, UACCMI


COLORADO/ N. CAROLINA        Rev. Pastor Benjamin M. Gibson, Sr. &

VIRGINIA                                      Rev. Dr. Rita R Gibson, PhD.

KANSAS/MISSOURI                    Pastor Dr. Clarence Newton

TEXAS                                          Pastor Tommy Willis Sr.

NEW MEXICO                              Rev. Dr. Rosalind Willis

MISSISSIPPI                                 Dr Vinessa Rockingham

NEVADA                                        Dr Tony Robinson

                                                                         REGIONAL BISHOPS

SOUTHEASTERN USA               Dr Vinessa Rockingham    

                                                                     INTERNATIONAL BISHOPS

Assistant Missionary Bishop 

Bishop/Obispo Connie Mendoza 

Team Interprete

Bishop/Bispo Ide Wiggins



MEXICO                                  Bishop/Obispo Alonso Mendoza -Senior National Bishop

                                                 Bishop/Obispo Connie Mendoza -Assistant Missionary Bishop  

AFRICA                                   Bishop Sam Nyakale  - Senior National Bishop

                                                 Bishop Maxwell Graced Saenda- Jr national Bishop

                                                 Bishop Maxwell Graced Saenda - South Regional (sadc)

Brazil                                       Senior Bishop /Bispo Anton Wiggins

India                                          Bishop Alonso Mendoza                  

Pakistan                                    Bishop Anton Wiggins

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Rev. Dr. Rosalind Willis

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