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UACCCI Ministries

Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland Administrator – Bishop Emeritus




From the Office of UACCCI Ministries, We want to say that we APPRECIATE all of our Pastors, Ministers, Chaplains, & Counselors,  for what you are doing for KINGDOM BUSINESS.


2024 Renewals for your Ordinations & Certifications are due in by February. You can start sending them in

now. As soon as they are posted, we will E-mail you a LGS & new ID Card for 2024

You can send in through the Website via Pay Pal, Cash App $harwjs or FB Pymts

Thank You




UACCCI Ministries

                               BISHOP'S BLOG       January-March 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our Colleagues with UACCCI Ministries

We've been through some challenges this PAST year, however we are now into a New Year of serving God, & each 

other. I hope that as we as we start this New Year we look forward to  what God has appointed, called, & anointed us to do.

I want to focus this Month & set the Foundation of this Year on the book of Jude "CONTEND FOR THE FAITH"

Jude is a very interesting Book to read/study.  The audience he addresses is the Christians, we see this in v3 when he says he's 

writing to people with common salvation. We are all Saved through Christ. No matter what our Church background is, we are a body

of believers, that are Saved through Christ & His Death, Burial, & Resurrection. Then Jude exhorts us, as Christians to contend for the

faith.  The 3 take aways on the book of Jude that he is expressing, & I want you to see is: 

Be on Guard Against False Teaching. ...To Stand Firm in Our Faith. ...Encourage Other Believers.

I believe that this is cry of the hour in the day & times we are living in. We have to be a example, & people need to see Jesus in us. I believe we can reach people, not only by what we say, we can also reach people by the way we live. 

God has provided a message in the book of Jude. Its placement in the Bible and its unique warnings and encouragement for end times believers are fitting. 

As we gaze out upon a culture that has turned farther and farther from the truth of God’s Word…

As we witness more churches, pastors and believers lay down their Bibles and take up the world’s teachings…

As we grieve the many Christian leaders who have turned from their high calling in Christ, to instead teach or seek sexual sins to please themselves…

We see how desperately we need the message God provided through Jude, so that we can finish strong.

In this Chapter Jude gives us 4 solid ways to contend for the faith. If we follow this example in 2024, I believe we will see a difference i n 

our lives, in our Families & in our  Ministries

Build yourself up in the faith (Jude 1:20). We are to keep pressing ourselves to grow spiritually. A big part of spiritual development involves reading and studying God’s Word so that we know and understand it.

Pray in the Holy Spirit (Jude 1:20). By praying under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we receive help in our human weakness to understand God’s truth and not be deceived by false teachers.

Keep yourself in God’s love (Jude 1:21). Staying in God’s love means living by faith and obedience to God.

Wait with hope (Jude 1:21). To contend for the faith, we must keep the fire of hope alive in our hearts. When Jude says to wait “expectantly for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life,” he is referring to living every moment of life with the confident expectation that Jesus Christ may return at any moment

The key to contending for the faith—to surviving the spiritual onslaught of the 21st century—is to guard the gospel. The key to that is found in two simple phrases. One, “Continue in the things you have learned.” Back to the basics. Back to the Word as it has been entrusted to us. And two, entrust it to faithful disciples who will be able to teach others also.

That’s it. Guard the gospel by continuing in the truth already revealed then passing the baton. Proclaim the truth faithfully, guard it diligently, and pass it on carefully. That is how we contend earnestly for the faith once for all handed down to the saints. That is how we guard the gospel.

God Bless:

Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland

Bishop Emeritus UACCCI Ministries



                                                           GODLY CHRISTIAN WORKERS




By Rev. Chadd N. Hatfield, PhD


On the forefront it seems normative to assume the poor is anyone in poverty or homeless, as for the sick, certainly those who are physically ill, however the illness of the mind effects all aspects of a person, spiritually, socially, as well as biologically. The person suffering from mental illness is in a constant vacuum of struggle. The influx of our clients today suffer from, by action and behavior, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders. The connection many times seems to be the seriousness of our epidemic, substance abuse disorder. We can pinpoint the obvious concern, or we can create an effective awareness, so that agencies and the local governing bodies take notice of the issue, not to shove them from housing to treatment and back again. Rather dive into dealing with a detailed therapeutic response that observes these behaviors not as simply drug related only but a need for clinical as well as a holistic focused counseling to deal with the unknown factors of “why”.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” 3 John 1:2

This prayer is our prayer at the mission, not simply for good health and public housing, but also a healthy soul (mind, will, emotions) for all of our clients. According to a 2015 assessment by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the United States. At a minimum, 140,000 or 25 percent of these people were seriously mentally ill, and 250,000 or 45 percent had any mental illness. “The combination of mental illness and homelessness also can lead to other factors such as increased levels of alcohol and drug abuse and violent victimization that reinforce the connection between health and homelessness.” (Tarr, PhD). Are we as counselors, chaplains, and service workers interested in the trauma of our fellow person? The homeless issue is very real, and our passion is to create opportunities for solutions for our neighbors in need, to offer services and present Jesus, but we must not forget that the internal struggles of a person with mental illness can not be overlooked, if so we are neglecting to address the core that leads to reoccurring homelessness. The very essence of the heart of a God fearing person, is to do as the Lord commanded, feed the poor, care for the sick. Who are the poor, and what type of “sick” are we speaking of, it includes the depressed , addicted, and afflicted.

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