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Dr. Mark Krom, Psy.D.

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 SPIRIT FOOD     July - August  2023


This quarter, let’s focus on:


Ephesians 3:12 (NKJV) – “In whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.”


In order to access all that God has done for us in Christ, it will take faith, and the spirit of wisdom and revelation.  What God did in Christ, He did once and for all time.  We can approach our Heavenly Father boldly because of what Jesus did for us in His death, burial, and resurrection.


God has already done everything He is going to do about our salvation, healing, freedom, and victory, by and through Christ Jesus.  Our redemption is a finished and complete work.  We have been permanently released and delivered from the power of the devil by the blood of Jesus.  We need this redemptive revelation so we can walk in the fullness of all that God has called us to do in His kingdom.  Matthew 6:33 applies. 


We have the ability (as a believer) to access the plan of God for our lives (each one individually), the inheritance that is ours in Christ, and the authority of the believer.  This redemptive revelation (the revelation or the reconciliation between humankind and our Creator) was given to the Apostle Paul and documented in God’s Word.  Galatians 1:12 says, “For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by revelation of Jesus Christ.”


We can boldly ask our Heavenly Father for the spirit of wisdom and revelation.  Jesus dethroned and defeated the devil.  Regardless of who we may have been or what we may have done in the past, the blood of Jesus has made us a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).  We can be bold and confident in the presence of God because Jesus paid the price for our freedom.  Each true believer in Christ Jesus has been made righteous in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21).  Once you get a revelation of your redemption, the only way the devil can defeat you is to deceive you.  1 Peter 5:8 and John 10:10 are truths every believer needs to understand.


I encourage you to comprehend that your individual redemption is a complete and finished work.  However, the devil likes to air his propaganda and make us think that he is still in control of our lives.  Isaiah 26:12-14 informs us that the devil may have ruled over us at one time in our lives, but because of our redemption in Christ, he no longer has control of our lives. 



Your Brother In Christ,


Rev. Dr. Mark Krom, Ph.D., Psy.D

Mark Krom Ministries

Bishop of California, UACCCI Ministries

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