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Christian & Ministry Education

United Graduate College and Seminary is a private Christian College and Seminary and is a Fully Accredited Member of:

Worldwide Accrediting Commission of Christian Education 

Institutions (WWAC)    

The W.W.A.C. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to making a significant contribution to the promotion of Christian education everywhere. We are governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are reputable born-again Christians. The W.W.A.C. was founded to:

  • Upgrade standards of scholarship among evangelical educational institutions.
  • To award certificates of accreditation to deserving schools.
  • To continue to monitor compliance with set standards.

We specialize in Theological Seminaries, Christian Colleges, and Bible Institutes of all sizes, including both traditional and alternative programs. We are also concerned with helping any formal ministry teaching the Word of God in an on-going relationship between instructor and students, which may not fit into any denominational mold, to develop into a viable school.

The W.W.A.C. is part of the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. The Board of Directors of the F.G.C.F.I. has formally announced its full recognition, endorsement, and approval of the W.W.A.C.

The W.W.A.C. holds itself accountable to God, the Church, the laws of the land, and the general public. We are non-governmental(ly) connected and we do not engage in partisan political activities. Unlike regional accrediting associations which are limited to one area, we were established as a multi-national association of Christian Educational Institutions.

Is an independent international Christian education organization. WWAC was established as a “Multi-National Association of Christian Education Institutions” and is fully endorsed by the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. The Commission accredits over 200 schools globally.

Contact Information:

Dr. Paul Richardson

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