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Certificate Courses 0ffered by 

UACCCI Members

If you are Interested in taking one of these Certificate Courses, email your application with your information, and then sign your agreement to the Code of Ethics, and Doctrinal Statement. You can pay for your course(s) online through PayPal, and send us the Confirmation of Payment.     

“The E. M. Bounds School of Prayer” this self-study program has the student reading 7 of E. M. Bound’s books, and completing a study guide along with a final assignment. We are currently offering the program through Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry, where I have the privilege of serving as President.

                  GCOTV School of Ministry is a non-denominational, non-accredited institution serving as the extension of Grace Church of the Valley in Lawrenceburg, IN (Pastor Roger Webb). The vision is providing opportunities both locally and around the world for individuals to walk out their faith. We are currently offering the program for $125.00 to students that enroll through GCOTV School of Ministry at the end of the course the student would receive a Certificate from GCOTV School of Ministry and we would be happy to submit a Transcript for the 15 credit hours to your school for the student if requested.

                 If you are interested in learning more about Prayer please enroll today by simply going to and clicking on the School of Ministry giving link and pay their one-time $125 fee for the course, and have them include their name and e-mail in the memo line and we will have the course

Rev. Don Allen, Jr. PhD

President of Grace Church of the Valley School of Ministry

Pastor Benjamin Gibson & Dr. Rita R. Gibson, PhD.


W.I.S.E. Christian Coaching Institute, LLC. is a Certified Spirit-Led and Christ-Centered Coaching Program that guides, instructs, and empowers those who are ready to transform their lives and leadership from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY by using bible practical life approaches and setting realistically obtainable and achievable goals.

Our Mission

1. Use the word of God to restore and build healthy lives with Christian Relationship, Pre-Marriage and Marriage Coaching by assisting with Life Challenging Issues with Certified Christian Life Coaching.

2. Developing and Equipping Christian Life Coaches to use the word of God to help build healthy Christian lives, families, leaders, and communities.


To complete the form; just click the link.

Onsite Training:

Online Training:

Additional Spiritual Foundation Resources

These courses are to build on upon your faith and knowledge of the bible. 

We have various courses ranging from Fee- $199

Visit our website:

Pre-Marriage/Marriage Mentorship/Counselling

The SYMBIS Assessment provided insights into how couples personalities mesh. We provide pre-marital tools and advice to coincide with the assessment. If you are interested being a facilitator or having us as facilitators at your next couple event/retreat, contact at 

WISE (Walking in the Spirit of Excellence) Publishing Enterprises, LLC is honored to assist you with our "Book Flight" School and Publishing Services.

1. Book Flight School Click Here

2. Publishing Services Click Here


Instructors: Pastor Benjamin or Dr. Rita

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Course on Soteriology: Doctrine of 


Instructor: Rev. Chadd N. Hatfield, PhD



Session 1 - Introduction and Ordo Salutis ("Order of Salvation")

Session 2 - Predestination Unconditional Election

Session 3 – Eternal security with an exegesis on Ephesians 1:13

Session 4 - Atonement, Part 1

Session 5 - The Atonement, Part 2

Session 6 - Calling and Regeneration

Session 7 - The Doctrine of Conversion

Session 8 - The Doctrine of Justification

Session 9 - The Doctrine of Sanctification

Session 10 - The Doctrine of Perseverance



Course Objectives

  • The student will come to a broader understanding of salvation by learning that the process of redemption involves everything from predestination to glorification.
  • will gain knowledge of progressive sanctification
  • of the various theories of held throughout the history of the Church, the vicarious substitutionary view.
  • will understand the different views of justification, the Church’s struggle during the time of the Reformation.
  • will learn that salvation is a definite act and process called sanctification.
  • will gain a greater appreciation of how the “Good News” of the Gospel is truly good news.

Required Materials

  • Course Textbook: To be announced
  • Lexicon
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Study Bible (preferably NASB, KJV, NKJV, or any other formal equivalence text)

Online Resources


The sessions can go at student's pace, and any concerns or difficulties that may occur they can contact the instructor to assist and or guide them so as to fully grasp the material. After each session is complete and discussed upon, it is required to write an analysis of the subject. Twelve point font, Times New Roman, a reference page as well on quotes, as well as proper grammar.


General Rules: course work all course work is required before moving on to the next session.


Instructor: Rev. Chadd N. Hatfield, PhD



10 Lessons via Video $400.00

Payments Options Available:

A. In Full B. During Enrollment C. 2 Installments

*price does not include Books 

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